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Coach Gibson Helps Columbus Youth Football Kick Off The Season

09/21/2019 6:33 PM

 Columbus, GA- Its that time of year for youth football in the Bi-City. Columbus Youth Football kicked off their 61st year on Saturday at AJ Clung Stadium. Head Coach Jason Gibson served as the guest speaker for opening ceremonies. His message to the kids stressed having continued enthusiasm for practice, games, and school after the first day excitement wears off. He thanked all of the youth coaches for their sacrifice and time away from their own families. "I was really nervous believe it or not, there was a lot of people in attendance', said Head Coach Jason Gibson.

The ceremonies finished with the introduction of each program and a walk around the field. The Columbus Lions will be entering their 13th season playing in Columbus. Season Tickets are available now. Call 706-322-3336 for more information.