A New Day in the Fountain City; New Head Coach Chris McKinneyAnnounced

by Tyler Boutwell

Today was the date of the most consequential press conference in Columbus Lions history. For the first time in the history of the Columbus Lions, there is a new man in charge. The new face will be combined with a new look and a re-invigoration of the fan experience, as well as, a continued commitment to winning and excellence. The new look is the first change to the logo of the Lions in their 16 years. However, the history is not lost. The new logo was created by a former lion, Mike Jones, who was in close conversation with the original designer. Jones wanted to ensure that he, "pays homage to where we came from". Jones was a lineman for the Columbus Lions from 2007-2009 and expressed the honor he felt to be involved with the promising future of this franchise. 

Before the announcement was made, managing partner Josh Blair spent some time describing what this organization and community has meant to him and to everyone with the chance to be involved with it. He thanked numerous staff members and fans for their hard work and support. Blair began his relationship with the Lions as a fan and remains as passionate an advocate for both the team and community as could be hoped for. It is with the continuity of success under Blair as a foundation that the Lions look to capitalize and improve on.

The man to lead us into the future is Chris McKinney who, as was noted by Jeff Levack, just coached a defensive unit to an NAL championship only allowing 20 points in the ultimate match-up. McKinney leaves that position to become the successor to Jason Gibson. McKinney acknowledged the size of the task at hand saying, "I'm honored to be here and know that there are big shoes to fill". He will be furthering a legacy of winning football that Coach Gibson firmly established in the Fountain City. Levack joins the ownership group headed by managing partner Josh Blair and was integral to bringing McKinney down south. As Levack had noted from the other side, "No one wants to face this team when [the] seats are full". McKinney echoed that sentiment saying that he planned to maintain the winning culture and that, "the recipe is hard work". McKinney reiterated how excited he was to be a part of the Lions family and that he wanted to do everything in his power to support the Columbus community. He ended with magnanimity saying, "Players don't play for the coach. They play for each other and the city". Columbus is a city worth playing for and we have found a man worth leading us.