Ironman Rules Return to the Sport of Arena Football in 2022

by Jason Gibson

ATLANTA – The National Arena League after four successful arena football seasons announce a major change to the NAL game to take effect for their fifth season as a league and will change the shape of the sport of arena football in 2022. 

The Ironman system of play is one of the original formats used in football and was adopted by the Arena Football League for several exciting seasons that amplified arena stars who performed well playing multiple positions. The system means that teams will have the majority of their players playing on both sides of the ball with a limited number of speciality players per team that will be allowed to play only one position during the season. This blue collar hard nosed style of play is different from the traditional style of play seen at the college & NFL levels. The league believes this will increase fan engagement with star players & encourage more rivalry between teams. 

“Ironman Football is one of the concepts that made Arena Football unique” said NAL Commissioner Chris Siegfied.  “It’s one of the things that attracted me to the sport back in 1992.  The legendary players and coaches of the game were associated with Ironman Football.  Now the NAL is taking one giant step to return indoor football to the way it was meant to be played, and I couldn’t be happier.  For those unfamiliar with Ironman, get ready because this will be the most exciting style of football that you will ever experience.”

The league approved the motion to make this change for the 2022 season at this year's Owners meetings. The Ironman system allows teams to have the be more action from their athletes and for the fans they will now have the opportunity to see their favorite players twice as much in game action as well as increase the level of competition within the sport. In past seasons the National Arena League has had major players already playing multiple roles for teams, the manda=te to switch to Ironman will allow teams to build more multi-talented stars and test the athletic abilities.

The National Arena League will kick off the season in spring 2022 with all of it’s 2021 franchises returning. The league will be announcing more major news in the weeks to come and expect to release a 2022 schedule within the months to come. For any questions or comments from the league offices please contact for all inquiries.  

The National Arena League was founded in 2016 and hosted its inaugural season in 2017 as the premier league in arena football. For more information regarding expansion opportunities or partnerships, contact Commissioner Chris Siegfried at . For more information about the NAL visit,,,