Lions Offer BOGO Tickets to AIFA Championship

by Lee Snow

The Columbus Lions have announced an exciting offer for their fans.

In anticipation of the highly anticipated 2023 American Indoor Football Association (AIFA) Championship game, scheduled to take place on July 15th at the renowned Columbus Civic Center, the Lions have introduced a limited-time promotion of BOGO (Buy One Get One) tickets.


This enticing deal allows fans to purchase two tickets to the championship at the price of one, doubling the excitement for the event. With the Columbus Civic Center renowned for its electrifying atmosphere and the Lions' passionate fanbase, this offer presents a remarkable opportunity for football enthusiasts to enjoy the pinnacle of AIFA action while creating unforgettable memories.

Whether cheering alongside friends, family, or fellow fans, attendees can experience the thrill of witnessing high-stakes football, as the nation's top AIFA teams compete for the coveted championship title. The Columbus Lions' BOGO ticket promotion promises an unforgettable experience and further solidifies their commitment to providing affordable and engaging entertainment for their dedicated supporters.