Lions Prepare to Face the Peach State Cats

by Lee Snow

As the season reaches over the half-way point, the Columbus Lions prepare for what is expected to be their toughest matchup yet with the Peach State Cats coming to the Lions Den this Friday at 7pm. With a record of 4-0 so far this season, the Cats are looking to dethrone the kings of the jungle this week but Coach McKinney and the Lions roster are prepared more than ever for the matchup. 

About this week's game, Peach State Cats head coach Jerome Davis said, "We don't allow as many points as the Lions..." and went on to predict the final score Friday night to be 50-12 with the Cats coming out on top. Keep in mind that the Lions have outscored their opponents 183 to 43 in their last three games while the Cats have outscored their opponents 177 to to 42 in the same number of games. 

With the ever growing fan experience of the Lions this season, the Lions look forward to welcoming back the Voice of the Lions, Aiden Kowalski from vacation last week and Xavier Soller as emcee, both fan favorites of the Lion Nation. Prior to the game, James Koan III will be performing for the Vectorply Party Zone tailgating experience so be sure to arrive in time to hear.