Lions Win It All!

by Lee Snow

After the Lions entered the 2023 post-season completing their second undefeated regular season in franchise history, they put the icing on the cake with a fourth championship trophy to add to the storied past of the Columbus Lions and arena football in the Chattahoochee Valley! 

The Mississippi Raiders started the game off on the right foot scoring first and putting the Lions in the first deficit of the year but with Brooks under center and a start studded receiver corps topping off with Championship MVP Ramond Deloatch the Lions came back to go into halftime up 20-10. 

And then, while Michael David was wooing the crowd with his amazing vocals and his band, Exit 12, were rocking the house, Coach McKinney lit the fire under the team. Returning to the field in the second half the Lions outscored the Raiders 35-0 ending the AIFA Championship winning it all at 55-10. 

Of the win, Coach McKinney said, 

This win means everything to me and to these boys. They worked so hard all season. It means a lot to me personally because I dedicated this season to my mom, she passed away a month before the season.

The Lions would like to thank all of our amazing fans that supported us this season and hope to be better than ever in 2024. 

In expression of the Lions appreciation to the community and fans, authentic 2023 Championship rings are being offered to any fan or supporter of the team at a discounted rate. If you would like to learn more or to purchase a ring, visit the portal on our website