Romond Deloatch: Player Spotlight of the Week

by Thomas Amster

This week's player spotlight is WR Romond Deloatch. In last week's game against Orlando, Deloatch caught three touchdowns in the win. He helped the team succeed in more ways than just that though, he made some other big catches and has been a great teammate to be around. 

Make sure to tune in for the game on Saturday to watch the Lions and Romond take on the New Jersey Flight. 

So  got you started at Phoebus High School, and your team was winning a lot at that point, correct?

Deloatch: Yes.

Did y'all win any state titles there? 

Deloatch: Yes, we won four state championships, my four years of high school. 

And then you went to Temple. So I saw something interesting about you there, about how you started playing defensive line a little bit during that sophomore year. So what was the story there?

Deloatch: So I actually pledged a fraternity, and Coach and I got into a little bit of an altercation, not bad, but just more so, I was just one of those players that,  I got to get my stuff together in the sense and he got upset and kind of like tried to punish me and moved me to defense and took me off offense. Next thing you know, I started doing good in practice. And from there i started playing both sides of the ball. Defensive end. and tight end/ receiver. 

I saw in your senior season, you had four sacks and 18 interceptions. And that's a really impressive feat. Not very many people were able to do that on both sides of the ball, especially in college and especially at a well known program like Temple. So tell me how you were able to play both sides. Tell me about how difficult that was or what was the progression there?

Deloatch: Just the players got on my team and we had some real good guys who was like draft  pick guys, Dion Dawkins and Haason Reddick. We had a offensive linemen who was a  second round pick. Also, we had a defensive end who was a first round draft pick. So a lot those guys kind of helped me a lot while i was playing both sides of the ball. So I got tips, and I was able to learn from those guys, and make plays because of those guys. So I definitely got it from the guys that I named and a few other guys.

What would you say is your biggest strength on the field?

Deloatch: My biggest strength on the field is, I want to say definitely man, just being a general on the field basically, like just playing my role, and at times being a decoy. You know, we got Outlaw. We have a few receivers, as you know who are really good. And so coming in at six foot four, and 225 pounds. I really feel like you know, just being in the right place at the right time is something that I'm strong at. Cause there are a lot of players on our team. So you can't sleep on a guy like me. So that's what I think I am best at is just playing my role right. 

Your skills best match what famous football player?

Deloatch: Dez Bryant

Did you have a favorite player growing up? 

Deloatch: I didn't really have a favorite player. But I want to say that I was always a fan of Larry Fitzgerald and Reggie Bush.

So what do you do off the field?

Deloatch: Okay, well, I work at a middle school. So I'm a teacher. And I'm also a personal trainer, and a head football coach for my middle school.

Okay, so outside of sports it sounds like kids and being with people is important to you? 

Deloatch: Yes. Very important. 

That's awesome. So what challenges have you had to overcome to get to this point, to play for the Lions? 

Deloatch: So basically, just staying healthy and staying level headed. Because a lot of times, I tell kids all the time just be persistent. You know, continue to work out and stay ready. I want to say Mason is one of the guys who got me here. If it wasn't for Mason, I wouldn't be here. Just because I was with him in Albany. I didn't play in Albany, I was there. So, Coach Gibson, hearing about me, without seeing me play. So just building those bridges and those connections and staying very active. Mason was the guy that pretty much was like, 'Hey, we need to give this guy phone call' to Coach Gibson. 

That answer kind of leads into my next question. And you can answer with Mason again. Who is the teammate you respect and why?

Deloatch: Yes, for sure. I respect a lot of players. Right now, taking notes from Mason, Outlaw, guys like that in the receiving core I respect a lot. Outlaw because he's been in the league for a while. You know, he's been a good athlete, great receiver in this arena one for quite some time. So just to take notes from him as I would say, like a big brother. I mean, it's very, very, very good love I have for him. And Mason just having him on my side and having his support. I definitely respect him, and glad to have him as a quarterback.

What's something you're personally working on to improve on the field this year? 

Deloatch: Just staying healthy and blocking. 

And last question, what's your prediction for this game on Saturday against New Jersey?

Deloatch: Oh, we're gonna win definitely. I think our defense is gonna have a very incredible game and offense is going to do what we do best.


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